Hydroponic Farming for Urban Agriculture

Farming has to become more productive due to the growing world population and its desire for resource-intensive foods. Hydroponics might be the answer since it is a way of growing food without soil. The method chooses to use a nutrient-rich solution so that minerals and water can get to the roots of the plants. Through the use of hydroponics, plants can grow in habitats where they usually could not survive.

Plans are provided with nutrients from the soil to help them grow in conventional agriculture. In contrast, hydroponic plants are supported artificially, and solutions of ionic compounds provide them with the necessary nutrients. A farmer can be sure that the growing plants always get plenty of water by giving a nutrient solution to the plant roots..By incorporating the hydroponic system in their farming, farmers have a way of controlling what happens to their plants as they grow and can change various environmental influences.

The nutrient solution can get to a plant in various ways. Inert substances can be used so that the roots get the solution flooded on the periodically. Plants can be given the solution with a dripper when placed on an inert substance or they can be placed on a sloping film that lets the nutrient solution to drizzle over the roots. These mechanized systems use either a mister or a pump so that the solution can be gotten from another store. The nutrient solution is usually aerated so that the roots have an adequate oxygen supply.

Hydroponic systems can be rather complicated, Plants need many essential nutrients and amounts vary with species, stages of growth, and local conditions. There can be compounds that react with one another and form substances that are more difficult to absorb. Those who choose to be hydroponic farmers need to understand how plants and nutrients interact. They have to monitor nutrient solutions closely and immediately respond to any changes in the concentration. Another option is to purchase expensive automated systems that will do this for them.

Hydroponic farmers must make sure nutrient solutions are protected from contamination.. A way to do this is to enclose hydroponic systems indoors.. In this way, they can control and optimize environmental influences on plant growth like light, CO2, and temperature, so yields increase. When people discuss hydroponics, they refer to soilless growing and controlling all these factors. This combined practice is known as environmentally controlled agriculture.

If you are really interested in this new farming technique, you cna look search online and read variety of online magazines.


  1. For a hobbyist gardener like me, I don’t think this is viable because it needs a lot of initial investment. However, I believe this type of farming method s good for those who want to do commercial farming in urban areas.

  2. Honestly, I didn’t know that so much is being involved behind hydroponic farming, a trend that is growing popular these days. The article indirectly clarifies the reason why the initial investment on hydroponic farming is quite high.

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