Different Types of Onion That You Can Grow in Your Backyard Easily

Onions are great vegetables as they go with every other vegetables. You can use onions on variety of food recipes. You can find a variety of onions in the market. They have different colors, sizes, or even flavors. However, for many people, red, white, or yellow onions are just different color variations of onions. For them, even the sizes, small (usually called shallots) or big onions are just size variations. Interestingly, nutrient contents and flavor, or even use vary according to types (size, color) of onions. If you are not aware of different types of onions and want to know how you can grow different varieties of onions in your backyard, this post might help you

Yellow Onion

These onions have a brown or yellow tint outside and greenish-white, light white, or yellowish-white color inside. Yellow onions have high sulfur content, therefore, these onions have a strong flavor. They have papery skin.Yellow onions are the most popular types of onions. In fact, when the recipe calls for onions, it is the yellow onion that comes in.

White Onion

White onion gets its name from the white color its has inside and outside. White onions are sweet, crunchy and tangy. Therefore, this variety of onion goes well with the dishes that call for raw onion. In other words, these onions go well with salads. White onions have high sugar content, thus, sometimes they are also called sweet onions. These onions have fewer sulfur contents, therefore, these onions are good when fried or grilled.

Red Onion

Red onions are purplish-red outside and reddish-white tint inside. Best onion for eating raw. Try it in guacamole or sliced thin in salads. Red onions are a common variety of onions use din cooking. They are also good to eat raw. Interestingly, red onions are also used in hair growth remedies because of their high keratin contents. Keratin promotes hair growth.

Pearl Onions

Pearl onions are small in size, are pleasing to taste and normally white in color (you can also find pearl onion in red color). Since they are small in size, pearl onions are referred to as baby onions in the UK. Because of pleasing taste, people in the US call creamers. They are 1-4 cm in diameter. Due to their small size, peeling pearl onions can be a pain.

Spring Onions

Generally speaking, people think scallions, green onions, and spring onions are the same, however, scallions are different from a green-spring onion. Green-spring onions are the variety of onions that includes shoots and roots. Spring onions have a milder taste, they goes well in soup and salad.Green-spring onions are actually a younger version of mature onions.


Even though shallots are currently included in a variety of onions, formerly, shallots were not onions. Shallots are normally used as a dressing. Shallots have sweet, spicy and acidic flavors. However, they are milder than other varieties of onions. Unlike other varieties of onions, which are round in shape, shallots are small in size and oval in shape.


Onions are among the vegetables that are easy to grow. They also have healing properties and widely used in herbal healing You can try growing onions now.


  1. Never knew so much about onions really.I can now tell others the difference among the varieties of onions and their typical usage.

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