How to Make Organic Tea, Compost Tea for Your Plants

Tea that can be called compost tea must contain all the organisms incorporated in the compost before brewing. The brewed extract has to contain soluble nutrients and beneficial microorganisms from the compost. The tea brewing process is not complicated and it can be done easily.

There are many different methods and ways to make a compost tea that will be good for vegetable crops. You’ll need the necessary materials such as a 5-gallon bucket, a fish tank aerator, and a compost tea brewing bag that you can purchase online, or you can make out of a scrap of meshed material so that it can hold 5 – 6 pounds of dry ingredients. You’ll also need an aquarium thermometer. Once you have all the material you can begin to brew the compost tea.

To brew up the compost tea, take a handful of compost and a handful of garden soil. You’ll need two handfuls of straw, up to five leaves from a healthy plant, a cup of pulverized fish and a cup of seaweed extract.

Take the tea bag and put in the first five ingredients, tie it up tightly, and submerged it into a bucket of water. Next, add the pulverized fish and seaweed extract to the water. Put the aerator in the bucket and turn it on. It will take up to 36 hours to brew the tea. Make sure to monitor the temperature, which should be between 68° and 72°.  Before spraying, dilute three parts of the tea to one part of the water. Fill up a backpack sprayer and spray early in the mornings or late in the evenings so that the leaves don’t get burned by the midday sun.

Some things to look out for are if you cannot achieve an optimal temperature range, you might consider purchasing a small submersible aquarium heater. If you’re not satisfied with the length of the brewing time, you might want to increase brewing time to get the best effects. Brewing compost tea means that the more information you have, the better your brew will be, and you can easily make changes to the compost tea recipe or adjust brewing conditions as you go along.  Once you have brewed up the compost tea, clean up all the equipment and spray tank so that harmful bacteria do not start to breed. The best cleaning agents are hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.

Whether you are into growing food or growing herbs, you must know how to make compost tea for your plants.


  1. I know about composting, however, never heard of compost tea. May be because I have never tried gardening. There is limited space in my apartment. Based on what I have read here, I think compost tea is a liquid form of compost.

  2. From above research I have gain much knowledge about compost tea though I didnot know little about gardening,cultivation as well as how to grow organic. Thanks to this site I gained Knowldge about organic tea.

  3. Its really simple and useful technique for gardening. wow…. its pure organic fertilizer. I will try it on my plants.

  4. The technique to make compost tea is complicated for anybody who is into farming.But the steps explained above will make things a little more easier for them.

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