Green Leafy Vegetables You can Start Growing Now

Many garden vegetables can be grown indoors from seed. This gives people a great beginning to the gardening season, and you can look forward to eating tasty vegetables before the summer ones. You can start the growing process by planting leafy vegetables in pots and trays that can be brought outside on warm sunny days. Container gardening is an excellent beginning to the growing season, and you can place the vegetables on balconies, decks, or windowsills. Many spring vegetables can be quickly grown from seed.

Lettuce can be grown just for baby greens giving you a regular supply of salad greens from spring into the summer. Just sow the seeds closer together, and as the shoots come up, you can cut them repeatedly. These baby greens are ready to be harvested in a couple of weeks. By planting seeds continually every week, you’ll never run out of a supply of lettuce.

Spinach is quick to sprout and grow. Since spinach comes in different varieties, you should grow several kinds. This way, you can see which grows the best in your soil and location. Grow them close together for spring greens and harvest the leaves while they’re still small about three weeks form planting. Spinach also does well in a fall garden when covered with mulch and will overwinter for an early spring harvest.

A spring vegetable that does well when grown from seed is chard. You can eat chard fresh or cooked. Plant the seeds close together and harvest the ones that crowd together. By doing this, you’ll have delicious leafy baby greens and thin the vegetable beds. Chard comes in different sizes, textures, and colors. Your spring salads can become colorful if you choose to grow green, red, yellow, and white chard. There are varieties of chard that you can harvest as baby greens in about 25 days.

Another leafy green vegetable that you can grow early is kale. It is simple to grow from seed and can be harvested as a baby green, while full-sized leaves will provide you with plenty of food. Kale can be added to salads, mixed in smoothies, steamed, or stir-fried. It is often sweeter when harvested as a baby green in the spring. Baby kale leaves are ready in three weeks, and full-sized leaves take maturing from 40 – 60 days, depending on the variety you have chosen.

Garlic greens have a mild garlicky flavor and can be started indoors giving you sprouting, green shoots. They are easy to grow in pots and require plenty of sunlight and water. After about ten weeks, they are ready to harvest and will give you plenty of greens regularly. You can use them for salads, and anything you would like to garnish.


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